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We all know the tried-and-true saying of “You get what you pay for”. Basically, if you do not spend much or anything for a product or service, you should not expect anything of particular value, worth, or usefulness in return. This truth extends to initial case evaluations and case evaluations from legal professionals.

You may have seen many other law firms advertising “free case evaluations.” We at Jacobs & Schlesinger LLP, want to explain what “free case evaluations” usually consist of and why it is worth paying for a case evaluation instead. 

Sales Pitches Are Not Case Evaluations

We know both firsthand and secondhand, through client stories of other law firms, that many “free case evaluations” are nothing more than a high-speed, high-pressure sales pitch. Rather than sitting down and discussing your case in a way that actually moves things forward, you will get crammed into an attorney’s office for 15 minutes, during which the conversation will revolve almost entirely around their attorney fees. Their goal is to get you to sign a contract as quickly as possible, often without even fully evaluating whether you have a case or determining whether the case you have in mind is the best course of action given your situation and goals. In the end, you could pay significant “case research” fees only to find out down the line you have no case at all, or that there was a better, cheaper, and/or easier path available that the attorney would have known about had a comprehensive evaluation been done in the first place.

Comprehensive Case Evaluations Provide Real Value

At Jacobs & Schlesinger LLP, we value your time as a potential client. We are not here to give you the run-around or a sales pitch. We want you to leave your case evaluation knowing what your options are and with all the information you need to decide whether you want to hire us to assist you in the pursuit of those options. While our case evaluations may not be free-of-charge, we are certain you will see they are worth every penny.

During a comprehensive case evaluation, you can expect us to:

  • discuss your goals and objectives;
  • thoroughly review your situation, including your immigration, criminal, educational, and family histories to ensure you are aware of all possible avenues available to you;
  • analyze the legal documents bring to the case evaluation;
  • honestly and compassionately address any legal questions you have; and
  • advise you honestly as to whether it makes sense to hire an attorney at all.

Case evaluations by Jacobs & Schlesinger attorneys are about giving you thoughtful answers, current and relevant knowledge, and competent and compassionate advice. This is not a rushed procedure where the main goal is your signature on a contract and money in our pockets. It is a careful review of your situation, a sharing of valuable legal knowledge, and a strong first step towards the outcome you are looking to achieve.

To request an appointment with one of our San Diego immigration lawyers, please call (619) 230-0012 at your first opportunity. We handle every sort of immigration law matter, from family-based visas and employment-based visas to deportation defense.

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As a full-service immigration law firm, our entire focus is on offering comprehensive immigration solutions for people like you and helping you decide which immigration pathway is right for you. Everyone's situation is unique, and our case evaluations are designed to ensure that our advice is fully informed and tailored to you and your family's specific circumstances.

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