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Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or DACA is a United States immigration policy that protects young unauthorized immigrants to remain in the United States with temporary lawful status.  This status must be renewed every two years which allows them to apply for a driver’s license, social security number, and work permit.  

You might find it difficult to request DACA on your own.  The process takes time because of its complexity.  Having a knowledgeable San Diego attorney work with you can make things simple and worry-free.  We, at Jacobs & Schlesinger, have assisted hundreds of young immigrants like you attain DACA status.  

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Guidelines for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

DACA application is quite confusing and burdensome.  Given this reality of the process that you have to go through, it still does not guarantee you your citizenship, nor the opportunity for residency.  Talking to a San Diego immigration lawyer soonest will help you understand your options.

We can help you determine whether you are eligible for DACA.  Our vast experience in handling DACA applications enables us to properly guide you in your application, foresee and address probable concerns.

You may request to be considered for deferred action if you meet the following:

  • under 31 years old at the time DACA was announced;
  • under 16 years old when you first entered the U.S.;
  • have lived in the U.S. continuously since June 15, 2007;
  • present in the United States when DACA was announced;
  • in the U.S. while applying for deferred action;
  • not been convicted of any serious criminal offense; and/or
  • currently go to school, graduated high school, obtained a GED, or are actively serving in or have been honorably discharged from the military.

How Do I Benefit from Deferred Action?

You can enjoy the following benefits if your application for deferred action is approved:

  • legally work in the U.S.; and
  • apply to travel outside of the U.S. (talk to your attorney before doing so).

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