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07-2022 | The San Diego Union-Tribune

ICE has resumed deporting unsuspecting immigrants at routine check-ins.

ICE has resumed deporting unsuspecting immigrants at routine check-ins.
Partner Ginger Jacobs was quoted in the San Diego Union-Tribune article covering the abrupt deportation of a client at a routine check-in.

10/30/2021 | The San Diego Union-Tribune

CAIR-San Diego helps newly arrived Afghan families acclimate to life in U.S.

Attorney Maria Chavez led a workshop on humanitarian parole during an event hosted for Afghan families by the San Diego office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations at the Islamic Center of San Diego. This event was featured in The San Diego Union-Tribune.

1/23/2021 | The San Diego Union-Tribune

The transition from Trump to Biden is already being felt in San Diego

Attorney Maria Chavez was recently quoted in The San Diego Union-Tribune where she shared her thoughts on the recent changes in immigration already affecting the San Diego area.

7/3/2020 | The San Diego Tribune

What asylum stories teach us about the US response to racial justice protests

Attorney Jacobs was recently quoted in The San Diego Tribune where she shared her perspective on the violent tactics that have been used on protesters in the U.S. that remind many asylees of the oppressive conditions they left behind.

6/11/20 | Human Rights First

Detained in Danger: Database raises troubling questions about COVID-19 in ICE Detention Centers

Attorney Ginger Jacobs was recently quoted in a Human Right First Article in which she reports "CDC social distancing impossible" in ICE facilities which leaves many people at risk.

4/3/20 | The San Diego Tribune

Immigrant detainee, second employee at Otay Mesa Detention Center test positive for COVID-19

As the Coronavirus continues to spread rapidly, individuals being held in detention centers are at risk of contracting the disease especially those with preexisting health conditions.

11/5/19 | CNN

Major hotels break promises on allowing feds to detain immigrants in their rooms

Hotels are currently being used to house immigrant detainees - in this article, Attorney Jacobs discusses her opposition towards the detention of immigrants in general, but especially in hotels.

9/17/19 | The San Diego Tribune En Espanol

Es posible que los migrantes que han esperado por meses en la frontera ya no califiquen para recibir asilo

Abogada Jacobs habla sobre las nuevas restricciones de asilo que esencialmente descalifican a cualquier migrante que no es mexicano del asilo.

9/16/19 | The Baltimore Sun

Hundreds of migrants waiting months to enter the U.S. may no longer be eligible for asylum

Attorney Ginger is featured in this article and discusses asylum eligibility under the new policy.

9/12/19 | The San Diego Union-Tribune

Trump’s new asylum restrictions bring confusion to San Diego

Attorney Jacobs speaks on the new asylum restrictions that essentially disqualifies any non-Mexican migrant from asylum.

4/22/19 | Buzzfeed

Inside The San Diego Church Where ICE And Border Patrol Bring Pregnant Women

Attorney Ginger Jacobs is featured in a recent article discussing how anti-immigrant protesters physically vandalize and harass asylum seekers taking refuge at a San Diego Church.

2/18/19 | NPR

Journalists, Lawyers, Volunteers Face Increased Scrutiny By Border Agents

Attorney Chavez discusses the importance of attorney-client privilege and how that privacy is being breached.

12/21/18 | The San Diego Union-Tribune

Asylum seekers waiting in Tijuana blindsided by U.S.-Mexico agreement

Attorney Jacobs is featured in the article and discusses her concern for the youth who are traveling with the migrant caravan.

9/20/18 | The Slot

Jeff Sessions Flirting With Idea of Indefinite Detention for Asylum Seekers

Attorney Jacobs speak on the difficulty of winning asylum cases since Jeff Sessions has worked to deny victims, even after they have passed the credible fear test.

8/31/18 | San Diego Free Press

Racist Policy Realized: 497 Children Are Still Locked Up

On September 6th 2018 Attorney Ginger Jacobs will host a Q&A session and provide an update on the DACA Program after the screening of “Rocío”.

The Texas Tribune | The Texas Tribune

Across the country, basements, offices and hotels play short-term host to people in ICE custody

Attorney Jacobs speaks on the use of hotels as temporary holding facilities for individuals in ICE custody.

8/21/18 | Snopes

Facts Behind the Arrest of an Immigrant Accompanying His Pregnant Wife to the Hospital Remain Unclear

Immigration Attorney Ginger Jacobs speaks on ICE's decision to make public criminal allegations stemming from information provided by the country of Mexico to be a break from the past and a version of character assassination in the case of Joel Arrona-Lara.

7/18/18 | Voice of San Diego

He’s Either an International Criminal, or a Persecuted Christian Seeking a Better Life

Immigration attorney Ginger Jacobs, who is working as a consultant on Federovskiy’s case, said that many immigrants find themselves in this gray area – they’re in the process of trying to obtain a legal status or change a visa, but are in limbo as they wait for bureaucracy to play out.

7/2/18 | Voice of San Diego

Border Report: Why Central American Asylum-Seekers Keep Making Their Way to America's Doorstep

Jacobs said that violence against women has been climbing in the region for about 10 years. That’s also when the gang cases started heating up. She, too, believes many Central American asylum-seekers end up in the United States because they have family here.

6/23/18 | Task & Purpose

Camp Pendleton to House 47,000 Migrants in ‘Temporary and Austere’ Detention

Immigration attorney Ginger Jacobs said, “I am also concerned about the extremely high expense of these camps. It looks like it would take approximately $500 million to house people at Camp Pendleton for only a six month time period. That is an enormous waste of government resources. It would be far less expensive to allow the asylum-seekers to live in their own communities with GPS monitor ankle bracelets on, so ICE can keep track of their whereabouts.”

6/20/18 | The San Diego Union-Tribune

Executive Order to Reduce Family Separation at Border for Some, Not All

San Diego immigration attorney Ginger Jacobs pointed out that border officials may have to determine how the executive order’s definition of “alien child” plays into the ways in which families can be separated if they come through the ports.

6/20/18 | KPBS

Dissecting SCOTUS Case Over Trump’s Travel Ban As Ruling Imminent

David Schlesinger, a federal appellate court attorney, broke down the arguments in the case.

6/11/18 | KPBS

San Diego Police Issues New Policy On Handling People Living In The US Illegally

Ginger Jacobs, an immigration lawyer at Jacobs & Schlesinger LLP, said she appreciates other parts of the new San Diego Police Department policy, including its explicit statement that "members shall not stop, question, or detain any individual solely because of the individual’s national origin, foreign appearance, inability to speak English, or immigration status."

6/5/18 | Voice of San Diego

Morning Report: Ready, Set, Primary

Immigration attorney Ginger Jacobs says the practice of separating kids and parents is unlike anything she’s ever encountered. She told Srikrishnan “the government could not only be permanently separating children from their parents, but also creating a new class of undocumented youth who grow up in the United States because they were never reunited with their deported parents.”

6/4/18 | Voice of San Diego

Border Report: Untangling the Two Migrant Children Stories Roiling the Internet

“Unaccompanied minors,” Jacobs said, are migrants under the age of 18, who make their way to the U.S. border without a parent or guardian. That’s a different group than the children who are being separated from their parents at the border. Once they are separated from their parents, though, they are being handled similarly to unaccompanied minors.

5/21/18 | The San Diego Union-Tribune

Should Asylum Seekers Heading to the U.S. Stay in Mexico?

Canada is the only country that the U.S. has an agreement with regarding “safe third country” designation. The treaty, signed in 2002, is based on a mutual acknowledgment that the countries have similar systems for requesting asylum, explained immigration attorney Ginger Jacobs. “If someone pursues their claim in the U.S., they can't go to the Canadian border and try to get a second bite of the apple in Canada,” Jacobs said.

5/8/18 | The San Diego Union-Tribune

Caught on Video: Father Arrested at Gunpoint by Ice Officers with Riot Shield

Ginger Jacobs, an immigration attorney in San Diego, said that Alonso’s arrest may have been unlawful and that because of that, a federal judge might throw out the criminal reentry charges brought against him.

5/6/18 | The San Diego Union-Tribune

How Likely Are Central Americans From the Caravan to Win Their Asylum Cases?

More are winning their cases than before, according to Ginger Jacobs, an immigration attorney in San Diego, especially in the last two years. Women who could show that they’re being targeted because they are women have a better chance of winning their cases, Jacobs explained.

5/6/18 | The Garden City Telegram

Asylum-seekers Face Daunting Process

5/2/18 | NPR

In Tijuana, Migrants Seeking Asylum In The U.S. Tell Harrowing Stories Of Crisis

Immigration attorney Ginger Jacobs in San Diego said the criminal charges against the 11 migrants were "highly unusual." Most people apprehended for illegal entry are turned around and expeditiously removed from the U.S., she explained. These criminal charges are part of the Trump administration's messaging, she said. "They are trying to dissuade future caravaners from attempting to come to the states" to apply for asylum, Jacobs explained.

4/30/18 | KUSI News

Migrants Wait for a Second Day Outside San Ysidro Port of Entry

Immigration attorney Ginger Jacobs said the refugees face a very long and complex process of applying for asylum in the United States.

4/27/18 | AliveForFootball

Central American Asylum-Seekers Reach US Border

Ginger Jacobs, a San Diego immigration attorney who helped Haitians seeking entry to the 2016, said Trump's concerns about a rush of Central Americans seeking asylum were "completely overblown".

4/26/18 | CBS News

"Caravan" of Migrants Reaches U.S. Border

Ginger Jacobs, a San Diego immigration attorney who helped Haitians seeking entry to the U.S. in 2016, said Mr. Trump's concerns about a rush of Central Americans seeking asylum were "completely overblown."

4/26/2018 | KUSI News

Caravan of Migrants Hope to Enter the United States to Seek Asylum

Immigration attorney Ginger Jacobs said the group in Tijuana plans to present themselves at the San Ysidro port of entry and request asylum in an orderly fashion.

4/26/18 | KPBS

Central American Asylum-Seeking Caravan Reaches US Border

Ginger Jacobs, a San Diego immigration attorney who helped Haitians seeking entry to the U.S. in 2016, said Trump's concerns about a rush of Central Americans seeking asylum were "completely overblown."

4/23/18 | KPBS

Remnants Of Migrant Caravan To Arrive In Tijuana This Week

“Literally any person who is in the United States or who arrives at the border of the United States, no matter what their immigration status is, has the right to apply for asylum," said immigration attorney Ginger Jacobs. "They don't have the right to get asylum — you know, it's not guaranteed — but they at least have the right to apply."

4/16/2018 | The San Diego Union-Tribune

Citizenship Applications Are Surging in San Diego but the Process for Approval Is Slowing down

Ginger Jacobs, an immigration attorney, recalled cases taking between one and two years to process after 9/11 when noncitizens were highly scrutinized by the federal government but the wait times had dropped significantly in the following years.

3/22/2018 | The San Diego Union-Tribune

Dreamer Hoping for Permission to Say Goodbye to Dying Grandfather

For example, if someone comes to the U.S. on a tourist visa and ends up applying for a green card, that person would need an advance parole document to leave the country and come back while the green card application is being processed, explained immigration attorney Ginger Jacobs.

3/20/2018 | The San Diego Union-Tribune

What Does 'Get in Line' Mean in Immigration Debate?

Immigration Lawyer Ginger Jacobs is representing her nanny, Karla Rivera, in navigating the immigration system. Rivera was brought to the United States by her mother when she was five years old. Papers were submitted when Karla was a child, and now at the age of 34 Karla is still waiting for her Green Card.

3/12/2018 | Los Angeles Times

San Diego Area Ice Arrests of Noncriminal Immigrants Led Nation from October to December

Ginger Jacobs, an immigration attorney in San Diego, said that in her time practicing, she's noticed that the San Diego field office always works hard to follow orders from headquarters.

3/4/2018 | The San Diego Union-Tribune

San Diego Border Dreamers call on Congress to act as Trump's DACA deadline passes

Ginger Jacobs, an immigration attorney, recommended that anyone with a DACA permit expiring by the end of 2019 renew before June.

3/1/2018 | SDVoyager

Meet Ginger Jacobs of Jacobs & Schlesinger

Jacobs & Schlesinger specializes in all areas of immigration and naturalization law and appellate litigation. We provide our clients with high-quality representation and excellent personal attention. We are committed to making the immigration process as understandable and accessible as possible. We are dedicated to the principles of non-discrimination and equal access to justice and serve clients of all nationalities. We have experience representing both individuals and corporations and are well-versed in the issues unique to both types of representation.

1/26/2018 | Voice of San Diego

How Police Stumbled Onto a Human Smuggling Ring — At a HouseThey'd Been Called to 53 Times

Ginger Jacobs, an immigration attorney, said she isn’t familiar with this incident but has seen other cases in which immigration officials used traffic violations to stop and detain undocumented immigrants.

1/22/2018 | The San Diego Union-Tribune

'Dreamers' Encouraged to Renew Permits While Court Order in Place

Ginger Jacobs, an immigration attorney, is encouraging DACA recipients whose permits expire before the end of 2018 to renew.

1/16/2018 | The San Diego Union-Tribune

Here's Why Non-Citizens in California Can Still Get in Trouble for Smoking Weed

Green card holders have a right to a court hearing before losing their green card for pot use, according to immigration attorney Ginger Jacobs, but people traveling on temporary visas, like students and tourists, can be turned around at the border with no recourse.

12/22/2017 | Voice of San Diego

A Year of Seismic Shifts in Immigration Policy

Ginger Jacobs, a local immigration attorney, said that means that there are more people in detention and more cases being fought out in court.

11/13/2017 | The San Diego Union-Tribune

Oceanside Immigrant in Colorado Detention Caught in Court Tug-Of-War

Ginger Jacobs, an immigration attorney who is not affiliated with the case, said that judges base location changes on criteria like where witnesses are located.

11/6/2017 | Voice of San Diego

Immigration Arrests Are Up, But Actual Deportations Are Down

It also comes down to the types of enforcement actions agencies are taking, and how the enforcement is coming through the immigration court system. One reason might be the types of enforcement cases that agencies are pursuing, said Ginger Jacobs, a San Diego-based immigration attorney.

11/5/2017 | The San Diego Union-Tribune

Trump Administration Ends Daca, San Diego Dreamers Vow to Fight

Ginger Jacobs, an immigration attorney in San Diego, advised DACA recipients to renew if they can and not to panic because the final outcome could still change. “The silver lining of this horrible news is that they may end up with a more lasting benefit if this makes Congress pass the Dream Act,” Jacobs said.

10/2/2017 | Courthouse News Service

Dreamers Face Thursday Deadline to Renew DACA Permits

Immigration attorney Maria Chavez with San Diego firm Jacobs & Schlesinger said the last time any significant changes were made to immigration policies was in 1996, under President Bill Clinton.

9/9/2017 | The Star News

Leaders Respond to Ending Immigrant Child Policy

Immigration attorney Ginger Jacobs said despite the news of DACA’s demise, DACA participants “should not panic” because the program is not automatically disappearing in six-months. She said people who have work permits that are valid for longer than a six month period will be able to keep their work permits and continue to be in DACA status and continue to work legally.

9/8/2017 | KPBS

Refugee Agencies Wading Through The Details Of Appellate Court’s Ruling

David Schlesinger, an appellate litigator with Jacobs & Schlesinger LLP, said the issue may be "moot" when justices hear it next month. He said that's because the directive, which suspended refugee resettlement for 120 days and halted travel from six countries for 90 days to review security measures, may have lapsed.

6/26/2017 | KUSI

Court Approves Travel Ban for Those Who Lack ‘Bona Fide’ Relationship

David Schlesinger is a San Diego attorney who is involved in federal appeals cases, some of them involving immigration. He said the ban would not affect students who are enrolled in American schools, a person who’s been hired by a U.S. company or someone with U.S. family ties.

4/27/2017 | Voice of San Diego

When Deportations Leave Children Stranded, a Messy System Takes Over

As local immigration attorney Ginger Jacobs told us in February, however, the Trump administration certainly could change the policy. Still, Jacobs told us, it’s highly unlikely ICE would make schools the focal point of immigration enforcement – partly because it would likely spark intense protest from the community.

4/13/2017 | Courthouse News Service

Legal U.S. Resident Kept From Family for 6 Years

San Diego immigration attorney Ginger Jacobs noted that U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced stepped-up immigration enforcement just this week, in Nogales, Arizona. “This is the Trump era,” Sessions told reporters in the border city.

4/7/2017 | The San Diego Union-Tribune

Why Don't Unauthorized Immigrants Become Citizens? They Can't.

The majority of green card holders have to wait five years before they can even apply for citizenship. Those who are married to U.S. citizens can apply three years after they receive their green cards. “Realistically, for your average situation, there’s nothing,” said Ginger Jacobs, a local immigration attorney. “There’s no way to become a citizen unless you’re a permanent resident first.”

2/21/2017 | Voice of San Diego

Neither San Diego – Nor California – Is a Sanctuary for the Undocumented

Some sanctuary. If it is true that San Diego’s metropolitan area has 170,000 unauthorized immigrants, as the Pew Research Center recently reported, then a significant portion of them are sent away every year. “I don’t like the term because it gives people a false sense of security. There is not a lot these cities can do. If ICE has a warrant, they can arrest someone,” said Ginger Jacobs, an immigration attorney who just rotated out as chair of the advisory board of the San Diego Immigrant Rights Consortium.

2/16/2017 | Voice of San Diego

Schools Try to Thread the Needle Between Soothing Deportation Fears and Overpromising

The 2011 memo reflects the soft touch DHS has taken toward schools in recent years, the new Trump administration certainly could change the policy, said local immigration attorney Ginger Jacobs. Still, Jacobs believes it is highly unlikely ICE would make schools the focal point of immigration enforcement, in part because the agency could expect significant protest from the community. Jacobs points to a situation in 2009 in which three teenagers were detained by Border Patrol agents while waiting at the Old Town trolley station and taken to Mexico that same day. The apprehension sparked intense pushback from the community, and could be part of what prompted the 2011 DHS memo, Jacobs said.

2/15/2017 | KPBS

Rumors Of Immigration Raids, Checkpoints In San Diego Are Largely Unfounded

"People are unnecessarily incarcerating themselves," said immigration attorney Ginger Jacobs. "The immigrant community is panicking for no good reason." She said Immigration and Customs Enforcement activity may increase in the future, but it is currently no different than it was several months ago. Jacobs recommended that immigrants go about their daily lives as they normally would rather than succumb to unnecessary stress.

1/25/2017 | The NonProfit Times

Nonprofits Using H-1B Visa Program Face Uncertainty

Trump characterized the H-1B visa during the campaign as “very, very bad for workers. We shouldn’t have it.” Trump thus far has not put forth any specific proposals regarding the H-1B program. Nonetheless, anti-immigration sentiments expressed by the Trump and by people being tapped for prominent roles in his administration indicate that the H-1B could be in jeopardy. “If I were a nonprofit executive right now, I might be a little bit concerned about what types of changes to the program could be implemented,” said Ginger Jacobs, an immigration lawyer with Jacobs & Schlesinger LLP in San Diego, Calif.

12/27/2016 | The San Diego Union-Tribune

A Lot Depends on Trump's Definition of ‘Criminal’ and ‘Immigrant’

“Deportation should not be used as a weapon to punish people who have already paid their debt to society and moved on with their lives,” said attorney Ginger Jacobs, chair of the San Diego Immigrant Rights Consortium, in an emailed statement. “We should reject this double jeopardy style of justice. It only serves to separate hardworking families and undermine trust in law enforcement, putting everybody’s safety at risk.”

11/19/2016 | The San Diego Union-Tribune

'Welcoming Cities' Label Debated as Trump Term Nears

Ginger Jacobs, an immigration attorney and chair of the San Diego Immigrant Rights Consortium, said San Diego has history of welcoming immigrants and refugees.

11/14/2016 | 7 San Diego

Funding, Court Process Could Slow President-Elect's Plan to Deport 3 Million Illegal Immigrants, Experts Say

President-elect Donald Trump's immigration plan is not unlike President Barack Obama's initial immigration plan, according to some experts. Trump has said he plans to deport up to three million people with criminal backgrounds, including rapists, drug traffickers and gang members. Immigration attorney Ginger Jacobs says the idea is not unlike President Obama's from several years ago. “These are the people Obama has gone after to be the number one priority for deportation,” said Jacobs.

10/5/2016 | NBC News

Policy Change Leaves Haitians Caught Between Disaster and Deportation

Immigration advocates in the U.S. fear those issues, coupled with a bleak economic outlook and widespread food insecurity, could compound into a much larger issue with lasting effects. “Haiti has limited resources, limited employment opportunities and if deported, these people have a limited chance of prospering in such desperate conditions,” Ginger Jacobs, chair of the San Diego Immigrant Rights Project, said in a statement Tuesday.

9/22/2016 | The San Diego Union-Tribune Resume Routine Haitian Deportations

Rumors of the policy changes flew late Wednesday among members of the migrant advocacy community. “It’s very surprising and a bit confusing,” said Ginger Jacobs, an immigration attorney and chair of the San Diego Immigrant Rights Consortium. “If this were to happen, it signals a pretty dramatic change in policy.”

9/21/2016 | The San Diego Union-Tribune

Church That Has Been Helping Haitians Hits Breaking Point

According to Ginger Jacobs, an immigration attorney who has been acting as a liaison between the group and Immigration and Customs Enforcement, they’re also given a notice to appear in immigration court for removal proceedings, with a date to be determined. She said none of the new arrivals have had a court date set yet.

9/13/2016 | San Diego Reader

Imperial Beach Right-Wing Backlashed

"I actually grew up in the middle of the country, in rural Indiana, and it was not a very welcoming city, it was one of those cities that had been a hotbed of Klan activity," said Ginger Jacobs of the San Diego Immigrant Rights Consortium, "and everybody knew that if you were a person of color, you didn't live in my town, you lived in the next town over."

6/28/2016 | Times of San Diego

Fatal Police Shooting Prompts Days of Bitter Protest in El Cajon

Ginger Jacobs, chairwoman of the San Diego Immigrant Rights Consortium, said it was “impossible for our communities to rely on police officers for help when they shoot first and ask questions later.”

9/9/2015 | The San Diego Union-Tribune

Iraqi Detainees to Be Deported, Some Charged with Fraud

Ginger Jacobs, a San Diego attorney who has worked with Iraqi immigrants for more than a decade, said it raises a red flag when asylum seekers are detained for a lengthy period. “Asylum is for emergencies only,” she said. “There are many, many people fleeing Iraq for bona fide emergency reasons. But if somebody is able to live as a citizen in a country like Germany or the United Kingdom or Australia, then they don’t necessarily deserve an emergency remedy such as asylum.”

6/16/2015 | KPBS

Deported Pastor Allowed To Return To San Diego On Parole

Cervantes’ attorney, Ginger Jacobs, said prosecutorial discretion is equivalent to a plea bargain in a criminal case. She’s confident Cervantes will qualify. For court purposes, the case would be administratively closed. It would remain on his record, but it would be inactive.

6/4/2015 | Fox 5

Cervantes, who is undocumented, was on his way to a church retreat in Jamul when he was stopped by the Border Patrol and deported back in April. His attorney Ginger Jacobs said the removal was legal but unjust, claiming officers failed to give his client Prosecutorial Discretion.

5/14/2015 | Fox 5

Employment Changing For Immigrants Living Illegally In San Diego Area

He’s also a preacher and serves as counselor to drug addicts at Victory Outreach Church in National City. “I mean he’s someone who’s making this community a better place,” said Attorney Ginger Jacobs who claims Cervantes should’ve never been deported based on a Department of Homeland Security policy memo sent out late last year. The memo states undocumented immigrants who don’t represent a threat to national security are not a priority for deportation and should be granted prosecutorial discretion.

3/30/2015 | KPBS

On the Agenda: Mixers Highlight Week for Business Groups

In San Diego County, the white-collar increase may be a result of state education policies that help immigrants become better educated. Assembly Bill 540 allows certain people without documents to go to college in the state, while the California Dream Act lets them apply for state financial aid. "If they're pursuing higher education, then they're naturally going to be drawn to more white-collar jobs," said San Diego immigration lawyer Ginger Jacobs, a partner at Jacobs & Schlesinger LLP.

8/1/2014 | San Diego Source

On the Agenda: Mixers Highlight Week for Business Groups

Ginger Jacobs of Jacobs & Schlesinger LLP will discuss “Immigration Remedies for Survivors of Domestic Violence and Other Violent Crime” from noon to 1 p.m. Tuesday at San Diego Law Library's main branch, 1105 Front St. in San Diego.

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