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Appellate Litigation

Appellate Litigation Attorneys in San Diego

Appeal a Ruling on Your Case

After you have jumped through all the hoops of building an argument and stating your case, a denial or unfavorable ruling can be a huge blow. You may feel discouraged but do not lose hope before contacting a San Diego appellate attorney. At Jacobs & Schlesinger, we offer appellate litigation services to help you fight a ruling and seek a positive resolution.

How and When Our Appellate Team Can Help You

An appeal typically occurs after the trial has concluded (after a verdict from the jury or trial judge); if the trial judge enters a final judgment (after granting a motion to dismiss or for summary judgment); or if the trial judge enters a final order of removal (in the immigration context). At Jacobs & Schlesinger, we have experience helping clients appeal unfavorable decisions and defend winning decisions against challenges by another party to the case.
However, appellate litigation is not just about an appeal after the case is over. In fact, laying the groundwork for a potential future appeal can be the best way to proceed in any litigation. Making the right arguments at the right time and knowing when and how to challenge or defend the court’s trial rulings can be critical to securing a favorable outcome. Preparing the right post-trial motions, often in a short timeframe, is essential. And, of course, there is the post-trial appeal itself. Our firm works with clients and trial counsel, assisting in all phases of the appeal or pre-appeal proceedings.

The Litigation Process

We assist and advise our clients throughout the following stages of the litigation process:

  • Trial (researching and drafting pleadings, pretrial/evidentiary motions, jury instructions , verdict forms, findings of fact and conclusions of law in bench trials, and post-trial motions)
  • Notice of appeal (ensuring that the correct judgment and/or order is appealed from in a timely and jurisdictionally-correct manner)
  • Posting an appeal bond (civil cases)
    Seeking bail pending appeal (extradition and criminal cases)
  • Moving for a stay of removal pending appeal (immigration cases)
  • Preparing the record on appeal
  • Oral argument
  • Decision

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