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Working with a team of green card attorneys in San Diego can level up your chances of getting your green card application approved.  Our attorneys will see to it that your application for submission is complete, at the same time addressing potential application issues. At Jacobs & Schlesinger, we can provide you with the best legal strategy for your application given your specific circumstances.

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Green Card Benefits and Eligibility

Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) status, once granted, lasts for 10 years before it needs to be renewed.  This status protects you from deportation in most cases.  

There are a number of circumstances where you might be granted a green card.  One instance is if you have a family member who is a permanent resident, he or she maybe able to sponsor your application. You can also receive a green card through employment, including self-employment, and through your own business.

As such, there are various factors that may make you eligible for LPR status based on the avenue through which you apply. We can work with you to determine which one is right for you given your specific circumstances and give you information regarding current government application processing times for each available route.  

A few other approaches to applying for a green card include:

  • obtaining refugee/asylum status; and/or
  • U visa and VAWA status.ho

Application Requirements for a Green Card

Immigrants already living in the United States can apply through an Adjustment of Status, while immigrants living outside the United States must go through consular processing.

Form I-130, I-140, or another petition is required for most green card applications. This petition will determine your immigration classification, thus, determining what requirements apply to you.

Depending on your current immigration status, different documents maybe required when you apply for a green card in the United States.  Generally, you will need to submit the following documents:

  • birth and/or marriage certificate;
  • financial documents; and/or
  • if sponsored by a citizen or permanent resident, proof of sponsor’s citizenship or LPR status.

You may also be required additional proof that you entered the United States lawfully, military records, or criminal records where applicable.

Client-Focused and Determined Green Card Services

Our determined green card lawyers in San Diego strive to make your green card application process as simple and stress-free as possible.  We handle all the tricky paperwork and walk you through every step of the application and adjudication process.  Our client-focused green card services have helped hundreds obtain their green card.

Get compassionate, determined care backed by years of experience and hundreds of green card success stories.  Contact us at (619) 230-0012 to make an appointment for a case evaluation.  We will be more than happy to tailor-fit our services depending on your case.

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