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Ethical Practices

We recognize that the legal system, especially in the sphere of immigration, is technical and complicated. Some would, and many do, aim to take advantage of vulnerable people in vulnerable situations. We have a long standing commitment to ethical operations. Our true and honest goals are to aid our clients and better our community.

Comprehensive Service

When you hire Jacobs & Schlesinger, you are hiring a team of attorneys from diverse backgrounds and with decades of combined experience. We are a full service immigration firm and have the capacity to handle any legal immigration matter in house.

Compassionate and Individualized Care

We recognize that every case we handle affects the lives of individuals, families, and their communities. We take our work very seriously and are always looking for ways to ease our clients' stress.

Professional Partnership

Throughout the San Diego community, Jacobs & Schlesinger attorneys are regarded as excellent advisers and creative, dedicated advocates for their clients. Partner Attorney Ginger Jacobs is recognized as one of the best immigration attorneys in San Diego county, and law schools and community organizations often invite her to share her expertise.

 Partner Attorneys Ginger Jacobs & David Schlesinger

Partner Attorneys Ginger Jacobs & David Schlesinger

Schedule An Appointment

Our practice is to perform an extensive consultation before retaining a new client. Our consultations are individualized, comprehensive legal evaluations designed to ensure that the advice we provide is fully informed and tailored to your specific circumstances.

Our Partners


Ginger Jacobs, Esq.

Immigration & Nationality Law


David Schlesinger, Esq.

Appellate Litigation

Meet Our Associates


Kathleen Spero, Esq.

Associate, Immigration & Nationality Law


Maria Chavez, Esq.

Associate, Immigration & Nationality Law


Ileana Soto, Esq.

Associate, Immigration & Nationality Law


The Team Philosophy

Jacobs & Schlesinger attorneys work as a cohesive team.  Meeting with any of our attorneys provides our clients with access to the knowledge and experience of the entire team. The firm’s diversity of perspectives and decades of combined experience enhance any advice we provide.

When you hire Jacobs & Schlesinger, you are not hiring a single attorney, you are hiring an entire firm dedicated to your service and protection.

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